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Who We Are

Our goal is to assist our patients in achieving an ideal state of oral health in a professional, friendly and safe environment.

The objective and ultimate goal of dentistry is to retain the natural dentition for as long as possible, hopefully for a lifetime. Dental technology has enabled us to do this with relative ease and comfort.

Our team is committed to professional excellence and working with you to achieve optimal individual oral health.


Increase Health

Increase Happiness

Feel Better

And Never Hide Your Smile Again :)

Multilingual Office

We speak English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Tagalog


First Dental Visit

A full medical history will be taken and any medical conditions that can affect your treatment will be ...

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Child's First Visit

Ideally by the age 2 ½ -3 years your child should have their first visit with us in order to ...

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Professional Cleaning

This is the removal of plaque and tartar (stone build up) above and below the gum line...

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Wisdom Teeth

A wisdom tooth is an adult third molar that erupts into the mouth between the ages18-25...

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Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic dentistry means treating your teeth and creating a natural looking smile...

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Crowns & Bridges

A crown or cap would be recommended if a tooth is badly broken down by ...

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Meet The Team

Friendly, Helpful and Knowledgeable.

Each member brings a set of different skills and experiences to the practice including different languages spoken to provide you with the best service and understanding.

Dr. Sharon Walden graduated from the University of Toronto earning a doctor of Dental Surgery with honours in 1996.

Dr. Sharon Walden


Dr Martin Bourgeois graduated with his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Dalhousie University in 1987.

Dr. Martin Bourgeois


Dr. Nancy Kang graduated from the University of Toronto with a Doctor of Dental surgery.

Dr. Nancy Kang


Juan is our resident Denturist who offers complete and removable partial denture fabrication and care,

Juan C Alvarez


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