Professional Teeth Cleaning Toronto by Dentists on Bloor

Professional Teeth Cleaning Toronto

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This is the removal of plaque and tartar (stone build up) above and below the gum line. This is done in order to reduce the levels of bacteria that live in and around the pockets. If left untreated you can expect to have sore, bleeding gums that can slowly lead to bone loss attachment and eventually loose teeth. There are also many studies that link gum disease to heart disease, diabetes, lung disease and low birth weight in pregnant ladies. Keeping your mouth healthy not only helps with oral health but improves overall general health.

Why Professional cleaning?

Also during your regular visits your hygienist and dentists are able to detect small changes in the gums or teeth that can be addressed at an early stage rather than waiting until it hurts. If this is not enough we also check for any early signs of oral changes that could be sign of oral cancer.

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Professional Teeth Cleaning Toronto at Dentists on Bloor

Our team is committed to professional excellence and working with you to achieve optimal individual oral health.

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Dentistry services offered by Dentists on Bloor include:
First Dental Visit | Child's First Dental Visit | Professional Teeth Cleaning | Wisdom Teeth Removal | Cosmetic Dentistry| Clear Correct & MTM | Dental Crowns & Bridges | Dental Implants | Root Canal Treatment| Laughing Gas | Night Guard / Bruxism Guard | Snore or Sleep Apnea Appliance | Laser Dentistry | Digital Dental X-rays | Emergency Appointments | Therapeutic Botox Treatment | Tongue Tie Release

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