What Is The Best Toothpaste?

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With so many products in the toothpaste aisle it can be very confusing.

Here are some of the differences to help you decide

A conventional toothpaste has a solid color and thicker texture. The product creates more foam and has a mintier flavor. This effect tends to give a cleaner feel to the user. On the other hand, gel toothpaste is made from silica, which gives it a glassy appearance and smooth texture. It is also less abrasive, which is why it creates less foam and splatter. Compared to a paste, tooth gel has a less minty aftertaste.

Deciding whether to use toothpaste or tooth gel depends on personal preference.  If you are still unsure ask your dentist which is best for you.

The difference between  regular and sensitive toothpaste is that sensitive toothpaste has additives that help desensitize or protect the sensitive parts of your teeth. If you suffer from sensitivity to cold and you have seen a dentist and are not diagnosed with any cavities these toothpastes may help you enjoy your ice creams and cold beverages this summer.

These toothpastes contain an ingredient that blocks the pain sensors that respond to heat, cold, and sugar. There are a few different ingredients that are used in sensitive teeth toothpastes, such as:

Potassium Nitrate-depolarize the nerves inside your teeth, preventing them from sending pain signals when they come in contact with sensitivity triggers such as a burst of cold air or hot coffee.

Stannous Fluoride--Fluoride is a mineral that helps strengthen the teeth, protect against acid erosion and prevent decay caused by bacteria

Sodium Fluoride-Like stannous fluoride, sodium fluoride strengthens teeth to help prevent tooth decay. It also helps to remineralize tooth enamel in the early stages of tooth decay.

 These ingredients when the toothpaste is used regularly over time, will help the nerves in your teeth build up a resistance to aggravators like cold, heat, and sugar. The toothpaste needs to be used daily for a few weeks to be effective.

Sensodyne has these 3 ingredients while Prorelief has Arginine.

  • Sensodyne® Original Toothpaste
  • Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief Original

Arginiene is an amino acid naturally found in saliva and also calcium from calcium carbonate. It works by plugging the channels that lead to sensitive tooth nerves, to block the pain. This happens when a calcium rich layer at the gum line of the tooth forms. This then occludes and seals the open dentine tubules, blocking the pathway to pain.    

At the end of the day toothpaste is a personal selection that we change for different reasons over the years.

The most active ingredient in toothpaste is the fluoride. This ingredient helps fight cavities by strengthening the tooth structure. But there are some patients that feel they would rather avoid fluoride so they select all natural toothpaste or the  next best ingredient would be Xylitol found in toothpastes like PUR. Xylitol inhibits the growth of the bacteria that cause cavities.The idea is that over time with xylitol use, the quality of the bacteria in the mouth changes and fewer and fewer decay-causing bacteria survive on tooth surfaces.

I hope this does not confuse you even more but ask us the next time you are in the office what we recommed for you. We may even have samples for you to try


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