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SPARKLING WATER… taste so good but is it good for your teeth?

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We all know that pop and sugary juices are not good for our teeth because of the  high sugar content but what about sparkling water?  It’s just your ordinary water and a little fizz right?


It's crisp, refreshing, and zero calories so how can it be bad for your teeth. Sparkling water compared to other pops is less erosive but due to the carbonated nature it can still be a risk.

Carbon dioxide is what makes the bubbles in the water and when this is in your mouth it  converts into carbonic acid. This acid creates mild enamel erosion so the more you drink the more erosion.

The acidity of water is pH 7 while the pH of soda/pop is around 2. Now sparkling water can have pH of 4 ( not great but not as bad). Enamel erosion can initially cause sensitivity but over a long period of time it may cause cavities as well.

So here are a few suggestions:

TIP 1 Avoid sipping your carbonated water over the day. Enjoy the fizz with a meal and let the saliva neutralize the acids

TIP 2 Still love the sparkle… choose mineral water for the calcium phosphate that will counteract some of the damage

TIP 3 Don’t add lemon to the water it only makes it more acidic


Signs of enamel erosion

                                                  What is tooth erosion and is it dangerous? | Acharya Dental

*. Tooth sensitivity when you consume hot or cold foods and drinks

*. Notches, particularly at the neck of a tooth (the neck is found between the root and the crown of a tooth)

*. Yellowing or darkening of the teeth (this is the dentin becoming increasingly more exposed as the white enamel is worn away)


Dr Walden 

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