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Digital dental impressions represent cutting-edge technology that allow dentists to create a virtual, computer-generated replica of the hard and soft tissues in the mouth using optical scanning devices. The digital technology captures clear and highly accurate data in mere minutes, without the need for traditional impression materials that some patients find inconvenient and messy. It replaces the need to take messy impressions for a night guard, crowns, invisible orthodontic aligners, or when you need to compare and monitor tooth and gum changes that would otherwise not be easy to do. Digital impressions significantly increase efficiency, productivity, and accuracy and make it possible for dentists to email the virtual impression to the laboratory rather than send a traditional impression or stone model via regular mail.

Advantages of digital dental impressions

1. Better patient experience 
Creating a pleasant experience for patients is of utmost importance to our practice. Digital scanning vs. impressions lead to better products with faster turnaround times and an improved workflow. This translates into reduced wait times for patients and a smooth scanning experience with fewer errors. A happy patient makes a happy dentist.

2. Reduced human error
Traditional impressions by nature may have slight errors due to human processing. Digital scans are more accurate which can lead to fewer remakes therefore leading to less inconvenience for our patients.

3. Errors corrected immediately 
With a physical impression, dentists rely on visual evaluations to determine if the impressions are ready to ship to the laboratory. On the other hand, a digital scan enables dentists to see the “positive” image and magnify and evaluate it carefully right away. Errors can be corrected immediately before submitting the scan to the laboratory.

The goopy impression material associated with traditional impressions may induce a gag reflex, which in turn can make it difficult for the dentist to obtain an accurate impression the first time around. In the case of digital impressions, the simple scanning process means our patients do not experience little discomfort. Digital scanning is also eco friendly since there is no plastic or material that goes to the garbage.

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