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I am so excited to share with you the new technology that we just purchased.

I have been waiting a long time and after much research I feel I have found the right digital scanner for our patients.

What is a digital scanner you ask?
It's not what you think. This scanner will scan your mouth taking digital photos. No, not a camera. It replaces the traditional impression that we use when making models of your teeth to make night guards, retainers and even dental crowns. That is right. You no longer have to hold your breath and gag with that uncomfortable goo called impression material

This is a game changer. It will scan your entire mouth in only a few minutes.

When you are in next I look forward to not having that uncomfortable conversation of “ breath.. its almost set just a few more seconds and we are done”

I am so grateful for the technology.

Let's keep you smiling

Sharon walden

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