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Have you ever been self conscious or worried that you may have bad breath? Are you afraid to get too close to someone during social gatherings worried you might offend them? We all worry about how white and straight our teeth are but our breath is also part of our smile.

Good oral hygiene alone may not help combat bad breath also known as HALITOSIS but its a good place to start.

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Bacteria that grow and build up under the gum maybe the cause. A professional cleaning and detailed assessment of your periodontal health may be start to the solution. A deep cleaning along with an antibacterial rinse may also be prescribed. Based on the bacterial build up you may need to come for deep cleanings more than twice a year to avoid bacteria recolonizing. A good daily oral hygiene routine that includes brushing teeth and tongue for 2 minutes teeth, flossing between all surfaces and an antibacterial mouth rinse will help eliminate bad breathe. 

In certain situations it is not the bacteria on your mouth that cause halitosis but rather bacteria in the gut. Acid reflux or other digestive issues may be contributing factors and a visit to your family doctor can help determine best treatment.

We all know that certain foods light garlic and onions can also contribute to temporary bad breath. This type of bad breathe can take time to disappear but the use of sugar free mints or gums help along with brushing the tongue and gums. Don’t forget to drink lots of water to help keep the mouth hydrated since moisture helps decrease bacterial growth. 

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If halitosis is bothering you let us know at your next visit. There is nothing to be ashamed of since we are the one place to feel free to discuss bad breathe.

Don't let bad breathe stop you from leading a full social life.


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