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Not all dental situations need to be seen immediately. How do you know if you need to go to an after hour dental emergency clinic, go to the hospital or simply wait until the office can see me?


Follow this simple guide that will help you decide what is the best approach 


Have you lost a tooth due to trauma or part of a tooth? Will immediate treatment help simplify  the treatment and improve the outcome?

With the nicer weather finally here and more outdoor activities there are more accidents that involve trauma to the face.

If trauma causes entire tooth loss and you can find the tooth getting to a dentist right away is crucial for tooth survival. A TRUE EMERGENCY

                                                  Can your teeth REALLY just fall out like Demi Moore's did? Top dentist  reveals why we could ALL be at risk

If however the trauma only chipped the tooth and there is no nerve or pulp exposure then you can wait  a day or two since this would be considered an aesthetic emergency. It can be sharp to the tongue but does not cause any severe pain then it can wait. NOT A TRUE EMERGENCY

                                                   Chipped Tooth- How to Fix Broken Teeth Le Sueur-Le Sueur Family Dental

Do you have loose teeth that are not causing you any pain but are uncomfortable to chewing and there is bleeding when you brush?

A baby tooth that has become loose is normal. It can be uncomfortable to chew on and may even bleed however if swollen and prevents your child from eating they should be seen. AN URGENCY BUT NOT TRUE EMERGENCY


An adult tooth that is loose not from trauma can be a sign of concern. Adult teeth do not become loose overnight but is rather a gradual process of periodontal disease (gum and bone loss). If there is pain and swelling you need to be seen right away to avoid further complications A TRUE EMERGENCY However if there is no pain and swelling see your dentist soon you just may need to book a good deep cleaning


Do you have swelling or infection of the mouth, head a neck?


This is always a concern since this may lead to more life threatening condition. The source of infection must be identified and treated.  Tooth infection can cause fever, pain to chewing, cause swelling and difficulty swallowing and can keep you up at night. Antibiotics may be needed before you can have full treatment but the infection must be treated. A TRUE EMERGENCY

                                                   Facial Swelling Symptom Evaluation

Have you lost a filling?

If you have pain and difficulty eating no matter how long ago it happened. A TRUE EMERGENCY

If you have no pain it is an URGENCY so call and we will book.

If you have any concerns call the office at 416.588.8839 . Speak you our wonderful team who will help you with your dental emergency and book you appropriately. If after hours then our office's answering service will guide you to the next available health care provider.

Regular dental care will help prevent the unexpected and unwanted emergencies

See you at you next regular treatment 

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