What To Expect From Dentistry In 2021

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COVID-19 has impacted all our lives in many ways we could have never imagined. Protocols have been implemented to help protect you at your next visit. Please see our protocol pages

With vaccinations soon becoming readily available to the general population and warmer weather arriving, I feel that we are that much closer to putting this pandemic behind us. But we cannot let our guards down just yet.

As we progress into 2021, Dentists on Bloor expects to see more positive changes in dentistry and overall health. By incorporating them into our clinic and services, we hope to offer our patients even more advanced care and treatment. To see what we’re looking forward to, here’s a list of what to expect from dentistry in 2021.

1. Treatment of TMJ conditions with BOTOX
That’s right! The treatment of TMJ conditions related to headaches and muscle pain with BOTOX can offer significant relief. With this new regulated and approved way to treat TMJ pain, patients will be able to live with less pain while recovering from this condition.

2. Clear Correct treatment 
This year, we expect Clear Correct treatment (clear aligners) to become a more accepted way to treat minor dental crowding and help improve periodontal health as it is not only for cosmetic reasons. Patients who never wanted metal braces as adults but always wanted to have straighter teeth or to be able to keep their teeth and gums cleaner will be able to afford this treatment.

3. Digital dental offices
A lot of dental clinics like ours are already in the process of going paperless through digital programs. In 2021, it will be all about getting these digital systems to work better and more efficiently. With the digital approach, we can be better prepared for appointments if we have all our patients’ documents ahead of time. This way, we can maintain a smooth transition of care from another provider. Moreover, we are saving the environment with less use of paper and ink. Patients also benefit as we send all of their documents and receipts to them electronically, which means they won’t lose them.

4. Digital scanning
This is one technology that I am eager to bring to the office this year. As dental care technology advances, we will not only be doing digital X-rays but also scanning the mouth digitally. As a result, there will be no more messy impressions that make people gag and no more retakes. The process will be quicker and more accurate so that the crown or bridge prepared will fit the teeth much better. I look forward to having this technology soon.

5. A shift to normal
With the COVID-19 vaccine administration in progress, we believe that we will change back to a more normal way of practicing. Staff will still practice the same level of infection control, but patients will not be fearful of coming to the dentist. They will no longer postpone their routine care and risk having more complex oral health crises that will require more treatment and costs.

As you can see, 2021 looks very promising for the profession of dentistry and even our patients. Though the last year has been a major struggle, with the support of our loyal, committed, hard-working, adapting, and educated staff, we have been able to arrange and see all our patients in a way that has made caring for them comfortable and safe. The quality and care in our service have only improved during this pandemic. Similarly, with the excellent cooperation and trust of our patients, we have also been able to treat and care for all our patients irrespective of big or small needs.

We look forward to seeing your smile in 2021.

Dr. Walden and associates

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