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The year 2020 was an incredible year of uncertainty, major lifestyle and work disruptions and not to mention the stress. I want to take a moment to remind you of what we all realized this year that is so important;  family, friends and our health. As with every beginning of a new year we try to make changes so let's include these ones for a better 2021. 

Exercise-  a great way to keep fit, young and healthy. Your gums also need to exercise so don’t forget to floss after you brush your gums and teeth. Millions of bacteria remain between the gums and the teeth after you brush. If left undisrupted they begin the process of breaking down bone and enamel causing both gingivitis and cavities. Flossing is the mouth exercise

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Smiling burns more calories than frowning


Diet- “You are what you eat” So not only eat healthy for your body but also eat healthy for your teeth. Cavities can form due to the frequency of eating and also the type of foods you eat. Just because it is “healthy” it may be filled with hidden sugars, carbs that convert to sugars. These will damage the tooth enamel and cause irreversible damage. Let's make for a cavity free year


"An apple a day keeps the dentists away." Apples have natural sugars that can cause decay but by eating them your body creates saliva that help wash away the excess bacteria. It also removes bits of food just by chewing- a natural toothbrush. Also being high in fibers apples help with you gum health

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Quit smoking- is a great way to improve your overall health allowing you to breath better and decrease your risk of cancers. Not only will your lungs thank you but your gums will as well. Smoking reduces the blood flow to your gums allowing bacteria to destroy the jaw bone that holds your teeth in your mouth. Your food will also taste better but just imagine the money you will save. We are here to help you when you are ready.

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One cigarette contains over 4800 chemicals.


The list can go on and on but I feel taking small steps will help guarantee your success and help  you keep your promise to yourself and others

May 2021 be the year you stay healthy, happy and love what you do.

Keep smiling

Sharon Walden 

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