Why Straightening Your Teeth With Online Treatment Portals Can Lead To Problems

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Teeth straightening or tooth alignment is one of the most common treatments dentists suggest to improve your bite, speech, smile, periodontal health, and improve your overall confidence. However, since teeth straightening can be a long and expensive process, many people have begun to indulge in do-it-yourself tooth straightening techniques. In fact, there are several systems on the market, discussing ways to straighten teeth for less than what a professional can provide. Remember, a professional has spent years learning tooth movement, bone anatomy, and smile design that a non-professional has not mastered.

While these systems can change the look of the teeth giving them the appearance of being straight, they can also permanently damage teeth and cause permanent gum damage. To show you what could go wrong on account of DIY tooth straightening, Dentists on Bloor has explained a few challenges that could arise if you follow this approach.

1. You could make your bite worse
Some of the most most common materials used in do-it-yourself teeth straightening include the use of rubber bands, dental floss, fishing line, and paper clips to pull the teeth together. There are other DIY methods, such as biting on pencils and creating fake retainers to push teeth together. Unfortunately, all these methods could leave you not just in pain but could damage your teeth, and in many cases, these methods can make your bite worse leading to a more complex problem, inability to use certain teeth to cut and grind foods, and abnormal wear on the teeth that are in occlusion. To rectify a bite or fix damaged teeth is a longer and more expensive process than if you had approached a professional dentist the first time around. 

2. You could worsen issues with your gums
DIY systems or even ones that are done in a smile clinic not supervised by a dentist could damage your gums. Some people try to close the space between front teeth using a small orthodontic elastic, which migrates toward the roots of the teeth and results in gum recession and bone loss around those teeth. Studies have shown that when elastics work their way towards the root of the tooth, they can slip under the gums and cause pain, inflammation, displacement, and loss of teeth, and periodontitis. If you already suffer from gum problems like gingivitis, periodontitis, or recession, you could make the condition worse if not looked at before you begin treatment. The same goes for clinical treatments. As a result, before a dentist can recommend any treatment, they will check the state of your gums to ensure that you don’t have any pre-existing conditions that can get worse with treatment.

3. You could worsen the health of your teeth if you have cavities
When you incorrectly change the shape of your teeth or have pre-existing cavities that are not treated, you can make them worse and require more complex treatment. Before a dentist recommends any teeth straightening procedures, we will ensure that you do not have cavities and verify that the teeth are healthy and strong before you begin treatment. If cavities exist, then we will need to be restored to ensure the best possible outcome. That way, you get the best outcome with little to no long term complications.

4. You may have to spend a lot more than anticipated
The initial treatment may be cheaper when you DIY, but in the long run, you may encounter more costs due to incorrect treatment. A dentist will look at all the aspects of your oral health, not just the alignment of the teeth when suggesting straightening. General dentists can take on simple cases, but an orthodontist may be required to handle some more complicated ones. If you have gum or jaw problems, you may need to see a gum specialist to help with the overall outcome.

When you perform DIY orthodontics, you tend to miss gum recessions, cavities, and habits that may have caused crowded teeth in the first place. At the same time, you run the risk of making your tooth position worse, loosening them beyond repair, and damaging your gums. To avoid these unfortunate outcomes, it’s best to reach out to your local orthodontist or general dentists with sufficient training and experience to help your straighten your teeth.

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