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Let's all do our part to fight COVID-19.

Not sure how you feel about wearing masks in public. For the next 2-3 year experts say this is the new normal. So lets all do our part and keep the number of COVID-19 cases low. As we see a surge in cases in countries where the restrictions have been relaxed I feel that we can all wear masks to help keep our community healthy.


But…. What type of mask do you need?


N95 or KN95 masks 

These are tight fitting masks that seal out 95 % of small airborne particle that are created during intubation or drilling a filling. These are for

health care workers and specific medical conditions that create aerosol


N95 Respirators


Surgical masks 

These are looser fitting more flexible disposable mask that are effective against large droplets like coughing and sneezing. They don't fit as tight and easier to wear than an N95. Different levels provode different levels of protection

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Non medical cloth masks 

These are washable, reusable that are not meant for health care workers but rather if you are unable to keep 6 feet social distance. Their effectiveness has not yet been proven since there are  many different thickness and filters that can be added to improve their effectiveness.


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Depending on what activity you do, where you are going and how compromised your immune system is then you will choose the one that best fits your need.

Now that you have a mask how do you store it?

Surgical mask are disposable and one time use. However, it can be re-used if you only wear it for a short while and are not in direct contact with aerosols.  If you plan to store it. it is best stored in a paper bags that will not trap moisture or you can hang it on the rear view mirror in sunlight. Do NOT store it under your chin! (image)

Proper wearing

I see many people not wearing the mask correctly. It is important for both you and those around you to wear it properly.

It needs to fit over the nose AND mouth. There is no point to have the nose exposed. If you cannot breath through it then maybe find a different type of mask. 

Do not put it under your chin on your neck since the chin is not a clean part of your body when in public. Particles that are on your neck then will be moved back on your mouth and nose

Remove the mask with clean hands and pull it away from your face

There are clips that help hold the ear loop masks away form the ears as they may become sore. Or use a mask that has ties that are high on your head.


Help your kids learn how to place and remove a mask as they will need to do so when back in school this September

The next time you are in the office and you have a mask question I’d be more than happy to help and keep you smiling even though I won’t be able to see it

Finally,  before you head out the door make sure you have your wallet, keys and of course your mask.




Sharon Walden 

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