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As we find oursleves 7 months into this pandemic it has beocme mandatory to be wear masks in public spaces. As per the advise of the exprets in the field it is  not only protect ourslevs but more importantly to protect others.  So if we ALL wear mask maybe we can decrease the overall impact the COIVD 19 visur has on our daily lives.

But was is the right mosdk to wear?  How do we store them between uses? Can we reuse disposable surgical masks?  How do i take off my mask without infecting myslef?

These are all great questions that I will try to simplify

MAsks are mandatory in all public spaces here in Ontario and other provinces. It will be mandatory for children also going back to school so what is the best type of mask to wear?

So A mask is recommended to prevent the potential spread of infectious droplets spreading to others. REcently public health ahs recommended wearign a non surgical mask as well as soclai distancing can limit trnsmission of the virsu as well as hand washing. The mask is critial when social distancing is hard to do like in school settings. 

what types are there:

N95- theses are tight fitting masks that seal that prevent 95% of small airbourne particlae form entering the nose and mouth. Theese are specifaly used by health care professionals where aerosal procedurea are being performed.

Surgical or medical mask- these fit more loosley, are disposable and are effective against larger droplet like in a cough or a sneeze.

Non medical masks- are reuseable washaible cloth mask to be used by non medical people but are rather porous and effectivenss is not clear. If you add a filter to the inside you can increase its effectivenss of stopping intake of particles. 

For added protection you can add a face shield to all of the above msks to increase effectivenss in protection. So really depoenind on what you are doing you would choose the mask that protects you the best BUT if in public and everyooen is wearign a mask and you are staying a safe disance away you should be fine

Proper wearing:

before you put the mask on wash your hands or sanitize with alchol based sanitizer

cover your mouth and nose with mask making sure no gaps

avoid toufhing the maskunless hands are clean

repace it if it becomes damp

do not reuse if single use

remove it without touching the part that covers the norse and mouht by handking the ear loops or elastic bands arounf the head do not toucht the front of the mask


do not wear your mask under the chin whne not on your face. it is the owrse thing you can do. your neck is potentailly full of particles

STroign reusebale mask

When not in use a paper bag is the best since it avoids accumulation of moisture. if risk is low then in your pocket is fine for a short while. Leave the mask in a paper bag for 3 days so if there is virus on it it will die and be safe for reuse. So having more than one cloth mask is best

Best kind of cloth mask- as they become morefahsinalbel you will need more than one

- mutily layer  give more prtection

shape matters less than the fit so the more nug the better

cotton materila is bese since synthetic material have shown to detect viruses for longer

cottne for inner layer to absorb moisture and synthtic for outer layer to repel water

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