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Apart from tooth decay and plaque, there are several other reasons why our teeth may become stained or discolored. For those who want to brighten up their teeth and to improve your smile, there are several tooth whitening options you can try.

However, if you are uncertain about which option you should choose or if any of them are even worth the investment, you’ve come to the right place. At Dentists on Bloor, we specialize in various dental procedures, and teeth whitening is one of them. To help you make your decision I have put together this simple blog. Keep reading to see what is right for you.

What are the benefits of teeth whitening?
1. You get a whiter smile
When you choose a tooth whitening procedure you ultimately benefit from considerably whiter teeth. This makes your smile more attractive and inviting. It also helps you leave a great first impression.

2. You boost your self-confidence
With whiter teeth, you’re guaranteed to feel more confident about your appearance. It will even encourage you to be more interactive with your peers and those you wouldn't normally interact with.

3. You improve oral awareness
Before getting your teeth whitened, it’s advisable to get them professionally cleaned first in order to achieve the best results. By doing this you will avoid having any negative outcomes for your teeth and whitening expectations will be explained

What are the disadvantages of teeth whitening?
1. You may suffer from temporary tooth sensitivity
A common side-effect of the whitening procedure is tooth sensitivity. This usually occurs when you whiten your teeth too often or you are using the whitening solution incorrectly. Best to get the advice of a dental professional.

2. You may need to give up on certain foods and habits
While whitening your teeth, you need to curb the consumption of foods and beverages that stain the teeth. These include red wine, berries, coffee, and tea. Giving up smoking can also help you get great results in terms of the longevity of your white teeth. Realise that the stain will return faster if you have the habits that caused the stain in the first place. 

3. You may not see significant results
Tooth whitening works differently on every tooth. Have realistic expectations and expect to be pleasantly surprised when you follow directions. Ask us to show you on a whitening chart where you can expect to brighten your teeth too.

How to choose a tooth whitening procedure?
When it comes to whitening your teeth, there are three options you can try. They are take-home tooth whitening kits prepared or prescribed by your dentist, in-office procedure performed by your dentist in their clinic and over the counter products that you can buy at your local pharmacy. To determine which is best for you, ask your dentist or pharmacist the following questions:

1. How quickly does it work?
2. How white will my teeth become?
3. How long will the results last?
4. Is this kit easy to use?

Another aspect that will help you determine which option you should choose is the price of these tooth-whitening procedures. A take-home kit usually cost up to $250, an in-office treatment will be around $400, and an over the counter tooth whitening kit will fall between the range of $50 to $100.

Irrespective of the option you choose, it is essential that you follow the directions for use and application so you can achieve the best results for you. Moreover, remember to get your teeth cleaned professionally before you try whitening them. Once you’ve whitened your teeth, avoid eating foods or drinking beverages that will stain them. Also, make it a habit to brush thoroughly and maintain excellent oral hygiene after every meal. This will reduce the need to whiten your teeth regularly.

For more information about tooth whitening and other dental procedures, reach out to us. Our goal is to assist you in achieving an ideal state of oral health in a professional, friendly, and safe environment. 

I can't wait to see your smile again.

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