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When it comes to smoking, respiratory health has received a lot of research and attention, however we must not forget about the oral health affects and risks it has. The use of nicotine and tobacco may increase the risk of developing serious dental issues.  Smoking weakens jaw bone. Tobacco and nicotine restrict blood flow to the tissue therefore reducing the amount of oxygen to the tissues. This then impedes circulation of nutrients needed to maintain a healthy bone structure. In turn this will lead to longer healing time after dental surgery. Not only does smoking affect your bone structure but also teeth. Smokers will experience  wear of enamel making their teeth more vulnerable to bacteria and toxins that lead to increase risk of cavities.

Another serious side affect of smoking is the inability of the oral cavity to protect itself. It is very common for smokers to experience mouth dryness. This is a problem since saliva is used to help wash away harmful bacteria. As a result the bacteria produce tartar or calculus at a quicker rate in a smoker's mouth that leads to gingivitis.

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