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How can missing teeth affect my quality of life?

The value of having healthy teeth and gums cannot be underestimated. We need our teeth for speech and the development of our face. Of course we also need our teeth for the simple act of chewing which is the first stage of digestion. Let's not forget that with advances in medical technologies we are living longer and therefore our teeth have to last us longer as well in order to maintain the same quality and lifestyle we had when we were younger.

What causes missing teeth?

- Unhealthy gums progressing towards bone loss and tooth loss

- Untreated cavities leading to tooth loss or removal

- Trauma/Injury


Let’s begin with what happens when you need to have a tooth removed based on the condition and health of that tooth. The first part of treating that tooth will involve the removal of the tooth. At this point we may recommend various treatment options to manage the quality and integrity of your oral health.

If you are missing a tooth that is left untreated the quality and function of your oral health can diminish in many ways.


When a tooth is missing the teeth adjacent to it can move or shift into its space. This can become a plaque trap for food and bacteria. This  can then progress into further bone loss for the surrounding teeth making them loose. The loss of teeth can alter the balance of your bite/occlusion leading to jaw problems such as grinding, clenching causing tooth wear and sensitivity.

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Having poor oral hygiene habits allows bacteria to decrease the health of your mouth causing cavities, bad breath, swollen gums that bleed when brushing or flossing. Ultimately the loss of bone can result in the loss of teeth.


                                      .Image result for progression of gum disease



Missing teeth can change the structure or look of your face

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What can I do to prevent missing teeth?

- Having healthy oral hygiene habits on a daily basis

- Routine dental visits to monitor, prevent, and treat any concerns

- Wearing a night guard if you grind or clench your teeth

- Wearing a sports guard if you play sports


We love to smile and laugh. We love to eat and enjoy our favorite foods. We want to have good oral health. The great news is Dentists on Bloor is here to work with you in preventing missing teeth. We provide many treatment options in replacing missing teeth. We are here to help you have a better quality of life by achieving your oral health goals.


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